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Porokylä and SaimaaHoliday

Three companies operate in Porokylä: Hevosharju, Järvisydän Ltd, Savon Elämyspalvelut Ltd (cafeteria) and Saimaa Wilderness Service Ltd (activities). Saimaa Wilderness Service has arranged lakeland activities since 1996. We belong to the SaimaaHoliday Network.

SaimaaHoliday is a group of companies that offer accommodation, lake activities and restaurant services in the heart of Saimaa lakeland. SaimaaHoliday was founded in 1999. The two main SaimaaHoliday resorts are situated in Oravi and in Rantasalmi and we arrange activities in Linnansaari and Kolovesi National parks.

SaimaaHoliday is a rewarded aquatic tourism destination. In 2010 SaimaaHoliday was a winning destination in EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence)

SaimaaHoliday values

1. Sustainable, long-term actions and respect nature values
2. Fellowship and cooperation
3. Exclusive and personalized customer service
4. Have fun at work
5. Spirit of innovation

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